Health, Safety and Environmental Mission

123SWISS APPROVAL ALBANIA is dedicated to provide a safe and healthful environment for our employees; protecting the assets and property of our customers and the public while also preserving our environment.
Safety is our Team Goal. Our most valuable resources are the people who work for us and the customers we serve.

To prevent injuries and damages to property, we will comply with all government regulations and national/international codes particularly those applicable to safety, health and environmental issues.
An Effective Safety, Health, Environmental Program will be carried out. The Program will assist employees in controlling hazards and risks to eliminate employee injuries/near misses and establish a positive safety attitude.

All members of management are responsible and accountable for implementing this policy, and ensuring it is followed.
Safety values will be strongly communicated throughout our organization. We will ensure that safety is always the foremost item on the agenda.
Where we improve our organization locally through new safety processes or practices, we will transfer those improvements throughout our entire operation.

The behaviors that we exhibit will always show attention to risk, an acceptance of the foundational belief that all accidents are avoidable and a heartfelt commitment to the ideal of zero incidents.
We aim to make safe working habitual, instinctive and automatic. It will be what customers come to expect and receive from our company.
We want all of our people to be safety coaches, bringing out the best in one another and encouraging each other in efforts that maintain an accident free record.
Substandard attitudes, behavior and practice will always be challenged in a constructive and effective way.

We recognize that SWISS APPROVAL ALBANIA technicians are often closest to the risk and we will therefore ensure that our greatest efforts and energies go toward keeping them safe and free from harm to health.
We will be a ‘listening organization’ where safety concerns raised by our people are always taken seriously, properly reviewed and acted upon. When it comes to safety we aim to be a ‘leading’ rather than a ‘lagging’ organization. Tailored plans designed to support a strong safety culture will be established for each of our global regions.

Our Safety Program will provide safe equipment, ample tools and training and all necessary protective equipment. It is the employees’ responsibility to follow the rules of safety as established for their protection and the protection of others, and to use the protective equipment and devices.

SWISS APPROVAL ALBANIA is dedicated to achieving zero injuries by assuring zero unsafe attitudes, zero unsafe actions and zero unsafe work conditions. Nothing is more important than safety. To that end, SWISS APPROVAL ALBANIA Company will do everything in its power to accomplish these goals.